The idea behind my work is to help others help themselves. I hope that by taking the time to read the following we will both be coming from a place of respect and love.

Cancellation Policy

I expect a 24hr notice of a cancellation. Within 24hrs I will expect 50% payment for canceled session. This includes same day rescheduling.

NO CALL NO SHOWS will require full payment of missed session upon your next visit and possibly no future appointments.

New Clients

All first sessions MUST be confirmed within 24hrs of appointment. Either an email or call will do.


Cash and Credit Cards.

Why 70 mins and 100 mins?

I offer an additional 10 min than the average therapist. I find that with a 10min buffer it allows everyone to settle in and be relaxed for the session to begin. This also guarantees 60min or 90min on the table.

With that said: you pay for your time. If you feel like taking your time, running a bit late, using the restroom ( before and after ), crawling to the massage table ;-) that's fine too but it's a little less time under my hands.

My philosophy: you pay for therapeutic time...what you do with it is completely up to you. I will give you my best no matter how much time we have together.

And Last But not Least

We all have things that happen. My reasoning behind this is to have some guidelines to work with.

If you have open communication then things will work out. I have been known to change an appointment around or run a tad late BUT I do my best to keep in touch and only expect the same from you.


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