The Alexander Touch is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue & Passive Yoga massage, all of which, help maximize your benefits from massage.

I am a certified massage therapist licensed by the state of California. I graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage in 2001 and have been soothing the city ever since. During this time I have volunteered at an acupuncture clinic, worked for a chair massage company and managed a small spa in the Castro; this has enabled me to learn many techniques and has given me the edge and confidence needed to work in this industry.

We all lead very busy lives and very disconnected ones. I believe that touch is an essential part of life. It helps us get grounded and reconnect with one another. I hope to bring each client back to that time when giving a hug or a soft caress was ok.      

I offer a very private, quiet and safe space. Depending on your preference, the room is set with relaxing music, dimly lit with candles and kept very warm. Soft flannel sheets and a lambs wool cushion are used for your comfort. At your disposal there are warm wet towels to help remove any excess oil after our session.  All in all, a very warm, rewarding and relaxing experience. Take the time to treat yourself to my touch.


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1950 Ellis St & Divisadero, San Francisco